If users have questions, comments or concerns, 1Win is dedicated to prompt and efficient communication. This section provides a guide detailing all available methods of communication to ensure that each user feels heard and valued.

Ways to communicate

  • Chat: At the heart of support is chat. This 24/7 tool is ideal for users who want an instant solution. Our experienced representatives are always available to answer any questions, from gaming to transactional.
  • Email: If users have questions or suggestions, email is ideal. For questions that require a detailed written response or even attachments, our team guarantees a quick and thorough response. You can contact us at:  support@1winlive.com.
  • Phone Number: Realizing the value of voice communication, the company offers a dedicated phone line for its Indian user base. Contact our experienced professionals directly on +91 79016 56951 or +91 79016 56971.
  • Social Media: 1Win maintains an active presence on various social media channels to keep users up to date, socialize and seek support. Join our community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • FAQ: For quick answers to frequently asked questions, the company’s FAQ section is a vast trove of information designed to help both novice and experienced bettors.
  • Office Address: For those who are inclined to traditional communication or personal visit, the company’s office is always open at 147, Senapati Bapat Marg, Mumbai, 400050, India.

To summarize, the company’s desire for a better user experience is evident in this choice of communication channels. Whether it’s a live chat or an official office visit, 1Win ensures that every user is heard.