The Rules section is designed to ensure that both experienced bettors and newcomers have a clear understanding of the site’s standards of operation and expected results. The company reaffirms its commitment to integrity, user-friendliness and encouraging responsible betting. 

Creating and maintaining an account on the site is not a complicated process, but at the same time is bound by certain protocols that ensure security, authenticity and fair play for all participants. From the first steps of registration to the intricacies of account verification and use, it is important for all users to understand and adhere to these standards. 

Creating and using an account

As the number of users grows, there is a need for comprehensive rules and guidelines governing the creation and use of accounts. Let’s take a closer look at the intricacies of these processes. Creating and maintaining an account is a commitment where a site promises to provide a service and in return expects a set of rules to be followed.


Users are required to provide personal information: name, email address, phone number, and sometimes proof of age. This is not just a formality, but a step to ensure that each user is unique, genuine and of legal age to participate in betting and gaming.


After registration, users are required to go through a verification process. This may seem onerous, but this process plays a key role in combating fraudulent accounts, money laundering and providing assurance that the user is indeed who they claim to be. The customer may be asked to provide additional documents, such as ID or a utility bill. 

Security protocols

The security of your account is of paramount importance. When registering, the user is prompted to enter a password. Regularly updating passwords and enabling two-factor authentication, if available, further strengthens account security.

Rules of behavior in the account

It is important to remember that the account is for personal use only, so disclosing account details or providing access to third parties is strictly prohibited. This ensures that the customer’s interests and account status are not compromised. In addition, participants must behave in a respectful manner. Harassment, use of abusive language or any other disruptive behavior may result in temporary or even permanent account closure.

Restrictions and limits 

1win may impose certain restrictions. For example, there may be limits on daily, weekly or monthly deposits and withdrawals. Such measures are taken for a number of reasons, ranging from preventing addictive behavior to complying with legal regulations.

Account management

It is not uncommon for users to forget about their accounts. If an account remains inactive for an extended period of time, it may be considered dormant. Inactive accounts are often charged a nominal fee, which is a service charge. Members are typically notified via email or other communication channels before such fees are charged. It should also be noted that users have the right to close their accounts or take a temporary hiatus. The bookmaker offers the option of self-exclusion if they deem it necessary.

Sports betting

To be responsible, you need to familiarize yourself with our website’s rules. Here is a guide to sports betting rules:

General Principles

  • Eligibility: All bettors must be of legal age and have a verified account to bet on our website.
  • Betting limits: The bookmaker sets certain minimum and maximum betting limits, which may vary depending on events or promotional offers.

Types of bets

  • Single bets: A bet on a single event or outcome.
  • Multiple bets: Combine two or more bets, but all predictions must be correct to win.
  • System Betting: In this case not all predictions must be correct to make a profit.

Event Specifics

  • Event Cancellation: If the event is canceled, the bookmaker will cancel the bets, refunding the money.
  • Postponement: If an event is postponed for a certain period of time, bets may still stand.
  • Change of venue: The rules regarding a change of venue specify whether bets remain valid or are canceled.

Market Rules

  • Announcement of results: The bookmaker bases the results on the official announcement of the event organizer.
  • Live betting: Odds can change quickly during the game and if a bet is placed after the result has been determined, it may be canceled.


  • Payouts: After the completion of the event, the bookmaker credits the winnings to the bettor’s account as soon as the result is official.
  • Errors: Erroneous odds or markets may cause the company to cancel some bets.

Special circumstances

  • Abandoned Events: If an event is not completed, bets may be voided unless the outcome has already been determined.
  • Participant withdrawal: If an athlete or team withdraws from an event, the company has special rules depending on the time of withdrawal and the type of market.


  • Bonus bets: The bookmaker offers bonuses that may have special conditions, such as wagering requirements.
  • Promotion terms and conditions: Make sure you understand any terms and conditions associated with promotions, such as minimum bets for certain odds.

Responsible betting

  • Self-exclusion: The company allows bettors to set spending limits or temporarily suspend their accounts to play responsibly.
  • Account Restrictions: The bookmaker can restrict accounts when suspicious activity is detected.

Dispute Resolution

  • Resolution: The company’s decision is usually final in disputes, however some independent bodies may be able to help in the event of significant disagreements.
  • Evidence: The Company recommends keeping records of transactions and communications.


  • Changing odds: The bookmaker may change the odds prior to the start of an event.
  • Refusals to accept bets: The company may reject a bet if foul play is suspected.

Always prioritize responsible betting and seek help if you have any questions or doubts.


Playing at a casino platform should be a fun experience. To ensure fairness, transparency and responsible play, you should familiarize yourself with the rules:

General Provisions

  • Eligibility: Only players who are of legal age and have a verified account can participate in casino games.
  • Platform Integrity: The use of VPNs, proxy servers or any other means to mask location or manipulate game results is strictly prohibited.

Game Types

  • Slots: Players wager a certain amount of money and spin a slot machine. Winnings are determined by matching symbols.
  • Table Games: This category includes games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Each game has its own set of rules, which are available in the game interface.
  • Live Casino: These are real-time games with live dealers. Ensure a stable internet connection to play.

Betting Limits

  • Minimum and maximum bets: Each casino game may have its own minimum and maximum bet limits. Always check the rules before you start.

Payouts and winnings

  • RNG (Random Number Generator): The casino uses RNG to ensure that the results are random and fair.
  • Jackpots: Progressive jackpot rules depend on the specific game. Some may have set criteria that must be met in order to win the maximum prize.

Bonuses and promotions

  • Bonus terms and conditions: The casino may offer bonuses with wagering requirements. Always check the terms and conditions before taking part in a bonus.
  • Free Spins: Some promotions offer free spins on slot machines. Check the validity period and restrictions associated with them.

Invalid Games

  • Invalid games: In case of game malfunctions or system errors, a round of play may be canceled and bets refunded to players.
  • Reporting Problems: If you encounter any errors, please report them to the support team immediately.

Responsible Gaming

  • Deposit limits: Players can set deposit limits on their accounts to control their spending.
  • Self-exclusion: The casino provides the option to temporarily or permanently exclude yourself from the casino if you believe you have a gambling problem.

Account and Funds Verification

  • Verification process: Before withdrawing significant amounts, players may need to verify their identity for security and regulatory reasons.
  • Source of Funds: Ensure that the funds used by yours are legitimate. Money laundering or fraudulent activities will result in account suspension.

Game Interruption

  • Unfinished Rounds: If a game is interrupted, for example due to connectivity problems, it will usually resume where it left off as soon as the player logs back in.


  • Game availability: The Casino reserves the right to add or remove games without prior notice.
  • Betting adjustments: If incorrect odds or payouts have been provided due to errors in the system, the company may adjust or cancel bets.

Rule changes

As development proceeds, some changes to existing rules may be unavoidable:

Why changes occur

  • Regulatory Compliance: As governments in different countries improve and implement new regulations regarding online gambling, 1win, must adjust its rules to remain compliant with them.
  • User feedback: Based on user feedback and suggestions, the company may tweak some of the rules to improve the user experience.
  • Technological advancement: As technology advances, new features or types of games may appear, which will require changes.

User Notification

  • Direct notification: Users are generally notified of significant changes to the terms or conditions of service via email or notifications when they log into their accounts.
  • Updated Terms of Service: The latest version of the terms or conditions will always be available on the site showing all recent changes.

User Responsibility

  • Regular Review: Members are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions periodically to keep abreast of any changes.
  • Compliance: Once changes have been made and communicated, participants must adhere to the updated rules, even if they differ from those adopted at registration.

The main areas where changes may occur are

  • Betting limits: Depending on market conditions and feedback, minimum or maximum betting limits are subject to change.
  • Bonuses and promotions: The specifics of bonuses, promotional offers and wagering requirements may vary depending on business decisions.
  • Withdrawal and deposit methods: Availability or terms and conditions associated with certain deposit and withdrawal methods may change.

Disputes over changes

  • Grievance Resolution: If customers have concerns or disputes about specific rule changes, they can usually contact customer service or the complaints department to voice their grievances.
  • Decision is final: In most cases, while feedback is important, the decision regarding rule changes is final.

Transition periods

  • Grace Period: For significant rule changes, there may be a grace period during which the old rules continue to apply, allowing you to adapt to the changes.
  • Training and Guides: For complex rule changes, especially those involving games or betting mechanics, the company may offer guides or training manuals to assist.

While the company maintains stability, it also needs to adapt to external pressures and internal improvements. Participants need to stay informed and adapt to these developments, getting the most out of them while remaining compliant with updated rules.